Meet the Collaborative

Research Partners


Pronouns: she/her

Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Foundations

Dr. Katie Clonan-Roy (Ph.D.) is an Assistant Professor at Cleveland State University, in the College of Education and Human Services’ Department of Curriculum and Foundations. Dr. Clonan-Roy's research focuses on the intersections of education, adolescent development, and gender and sexuality studies. Dr. Clonan-Roy’s current work takes on intersectional and critical perspectives in examining the development of critical literacy in after school spaces for girls, the inclusion and responsivity of sex education curricula of/to sexual and gender minority youth, and the preparation and education of equity-focused teachers

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Pronouns: she/her, they/them

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Dr. Kim Fuller (Ph.D., LISW-S, MSW, M.Ed., CST) is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at Cleveland State University.  Dr. Fuller is currently involved in clinical practice, where she specializes in depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunctions, gender and sexuality, and relationship therapy.  Dr. Fuller teaches clinical courses including Psychopathology, Social Work with Groups, Core Competencies in Clinical Social Work Practice, and Interventions in Clinical Social Work Practice, as well as courses on human sexuality.  Dr. Fuller's research is centered LGBT identity development, relationship satisfaction/quality, outcomes of parental acceptance/rejection, and sexual health outcomes.


Pronouns: she/her

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Liz Goncy, PhD, Psychologist, is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Cleveland State University and the Director of the HEAlthy RelaTionships (HEART) research lab. Dr. Goncy’s program of research focuses on the importance of relationships on adolescent and young adulthood outcomes, specifically dating abuse, violence, victimization, substance use, and risky sexual behavior. Her main research focuses on the etiology of problem behaviors at these ages, including identification of risk and protective factors and consequences. Secondary interests include person-centered and variable-centered approaches to measurement, implementation, and development and evaluation of prevention and intervention programming. Dr. Goncy is a licensed psychologist with expertise in assessment and treatment for children, adolescents, and young adults.

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Pronouns: she/her

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Shereen Naser received her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas, Austin and her graduate degree from Tulane University in New Orleans. Dr. Naser practiced as a school psychologist in New Orleans before coming to Cleveland State University. Dr. Naser's main research interests include helping to build school capacity to address the varying needs of students struggling behaviorally and emotionally. She is also interested in building these systems in a way that supports historically marginalized students and families both in the U.S. and abroad. Dr. Naser's work is done through a child-rights lens, where children are considered important participants in the school and community decision making processes.

Student Researchers

Andrea (Drea) Arnold

Pronouns: she/her

Andrea (Drea) Arnold is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Cleveland State University (expected graduation: May 2021). Drea is from Los Angeles, CA. She is majoring in Psychology with minors in Sociology and Business. Upon graduation from Cleveland State, Drea plans to move onto graduate school to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Her main interests are widely vast in Social and Developmental Psychology. For example, how our social interactions and connections shape our lives, the influence of social media on adolescents and young adults, and how our diverse backgrounds can impact our views and decisions.

Rayna Hutcherson

Pronouns: she/her

Rayna Hutcherson is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Cleveland State University (expected graduation: May 2021). Originally from Columbus, OH, she is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Communication Studies. After graduation, Rayna is planning to move onto graduate school to become an applied psychologist and researcher. In addition to THRiVE, she will be conducting research during the fall of 2020 to examine the role of risk and protective factors in the development of internalizing and externalizing behaviors in adolescents. 

Johnathan (John) Cowan

Pronouns: he/his

Johnathan (John) Cowan is a second-year undergraduate student at Cleveland State University (expected graduation: May 2023). He is from Amherst, OH, and is majoring in Psychology. After completing his undergraduate degree, he plans on getting his PhD in Counseling Psychology. His interests include helping to expand knowledge on the LGBTQ+ community, developmental psychology, and the psychology of personality. He is very excited and appreciative that he gets to be involved in such an outstanding research collaborative as a sophomore in college.