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Textbook Study

We were interested in what kind of curriculum content and structure was being provided in textbooks by schools. To do this, we contacted state representatives to ask about textbook use and reviewed a total of 16 textbooks.

Three major findings came out of this intensive review of textbooks:


Finding One: Textbooks perpetuate rape culture and leave specific gaps for LGBTQ+ youth

Finding TwoYouth are not being given the information they need to engage in effective sexual decision-making.

Finding ThreeLGBTQ+ specific content is hugely absent. When it is presented, it is largely harmful. All textbooks are cisgender, heterosexual focused.

Through the findings of this study, we concluded several things. The traditional school curricula is sorely lacking sexual health information for LGBTQ+ youth and that the information presented is largely harmful. These LGBTQ+ youths probably need to undergo some unlearning of the information presented to them in a cisgender and heterosexual focused manner.

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